Comparing the best eCommerce Platform Options

Achieving your online business goals is not a simple task. The Internet is certainly the best place for doing business, but this doesn’t mean that a venture like this is a smooth sail. You will still have to deal with your competitors, you’ll have to think about your marketing options, your expenses and of course – the eCommerce platform that you use. That’s right – most experts agree that the eCommerce platform online store uses can be crucial for their success. But, how can you make the right choice? Obviously, by comparing the best eCommerce platform option.

The importance of cost

One of the main reasons why people are switching from land-based businesses to online businesses is the fact that the cost of running a business over the Internet is usually much lower. However, the platform you will choose will definitely affect your budget. There are some eCommerce platforms that have quite pricey plans like Demandware and Magento and that’s why they are usually used by big businesses. If you want to save some money you should definitely check Shopify and WooCommerce.

Taking performance into consideration

There are dozens of eCommerce platforms that meet the basic requirements of modern entrepreneurs. However, not all of these platforms are the same. In fact, each of them is unique in its own way. In the recent period, many people are interested in Shopify Plus and BigCommerce. Even though more people use Shopify and Shopify Plus, some experts claim that BigCommerce is a more reasonable option.

To start with, BigCommerce is offering over 100 new, contemporary templates that can be easily customized to your store’s needs. There is also a local development testing environment where you can quickly check how your store would look like. This popular eCommerce platform also has built-in tools focused on conversion maximization. For example, you will find it very easy to apply for discounts and promotions in your store.  It is obvious that the management of BigCommerce has been investing in their platform in the last few months and the results are fantastic.

Besides the platform we have mentioned so far, there are few other that deserve to be mentioned too like Big Cartel and YoKart for example. If you are looking for a reliable eCommerce platform make sure that you understand your needs and that you know your target audience. These factors will help you make the right decision.

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